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Eitje (Dutch) small egg; ei = egg [ɛi] -tje = suffix for small cute things

Het ei van Columbus That's the very thing

an idea, beginning, surprise

EITJE is Ella’s illustrations and tableware. 

Growing up drawing amidst her plushy animals, Ella masters the skill of capturing the twinkle in the eye of her characteristic creatures. Becoming an archaeologist and geographer, her scientific background and attention for detail are reflected in her fine-lined studies of the natural world. The lifetime of drawing in a variety of contexts allows Ella to move between the fantastical and factual, revealing a unique world of illustrations.


Working from her Rotterdam studio, Ella designs announcement cards, hand-painted ceramics, infographics, and maps. Using pen, pencil, watercolour, paint, analogue and digital techniques on a diversity of media, she offers a wide range of possibilities and is looking forward to a creative dialogue with you to create the unique card, present or illustration of your wishes.

Have a look in Ella's Lookbook for inspiration

See here examples of hand-painted tableware

Find her announcement cards here

Here you can find examples of maps and infographics

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